A dangerous and undemocratic Bill is about to pass in Victoria

The Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 introduced by Labor is a threat to every Victorian. It will impact families and small businesses and continue to cause irreparable damage. We only have a few days to stop this desperate power grab.

Why is this Bill so dangerous?

No adequate oversight

Pandemic orders can be issued without Parliament or Cabinet scrutiny. An Independent committee appointed by Labor will oversee but cannot veto decisions.

Pandemic with 0 cases

A pandemic declaration can be made by Andrews for 3 months at a time, over an undefined period even if there are 0 cases or any signs of the disease in Australia.

Fines & detainment

You can be targeted, arrested, forced to undergo medical interventions and fined $21,809 on the basis of your ‘characteristics, attributes or circumstances’.

The Government 'grossly misinterpreted' statements it made about consulting the Victorian Bar Association on this Bill. It is 'draconian' and grants 'virtually unlimited' powers. “This [Bill] represents the biggest challenge to the rule of law that this State has faced in decades,”

Vic Bar President - Christopher Bladen QC

Think you won’t be impacted by this Bill if you’re double jabbed?

Think again. Daniel Andrews has stated that Victorians will be required to get booster shots every 6 months or lose their fully vaccinated freedoms. We did as he asked and he promised no more lockdows so why the need for this legislation?

Victorians do not be complacent. Enough is enough!

Your future and your children’s freedoms are at stake. Write to your Members of the Legislative Council now to demand they vote down this Bill. We’ve only got a few days.

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It is important you use your own words. Some suggestions you might like to consider requesting are:

  • Parliament should have the power to unconditionally reject pandemic orders 
  • If urgent pandemic orders are required, they should only last until both houses of Parliament have had a chance to review and vote on the orders 
  • Threshold to make orders need to be defined 
  • With respect to issuing orders, 'reasonably necessary' must be defined 
  • Clauses allowing orders to 'differentiate between or vary in application to persons or classes of person identified by reference to an attribute within the meaning of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010' must be abolished 

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